Complete Solution

One Company. One Solution.

As you engage with Colleton, you receiveĀ a company specializing in the billing, capturing revenue, and developing software for our Emergency Service clients. Since 1994, we have developed a finely tuned process for bringing new clients on-board rapidly, so you can maximize your billing and revenue. The process does not end with getting you up and running fast. Throughout the entire lifetime of our engagement, we continually strive to improve both our processes and your return. Our company was founded by paramedics and our passion is freeing you from the burden of billing so you can care for your patients.

Getting You Paid

Our primary objective is to obtain quicker compensation for the emergency services you have performed. We have developed a well-tested process of getting our clients up and running quickly and with minimal resource commitment on their part. We can do the same for you.

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, our team will come in and make an assessment of several key business elements. We will then set a current-state billing baseline. This is a scorecard of the current operations state of your business. We will use this scorecard in later phases to determine areas of your business that are in need of improvement.

Transition Phase

During the transition phase we will assign your Colleton team. This team will be your dedicated resource for billing, technical support, and service. We will map data points to provide a seamless transition from your current system to our software platform. We will also begin notifying government and insurance agencies of the change in billing provider. Since this normally takes the longest amount of time, we start this part of the process early in the transition phase.

Installation Phase

During the installation phase, we will install software and import all the appropriate data into the system. We will train your operators on all the key aspects of Colleton software. At this time we will also make all the electronic (EDI) connections with billing reimbursement providers.


Steady State

Upon completion of the preparation and transition phases, we will move quickly into the phase where we conduct day-to-day billing, collecting and reporting activities. This is where your dedicated Colleton team will shine for you. Because they are a dedicated team, they will know you and your business intimately. Should problems arise, your team will be able to spot and resolve them quickly. We will provide on-going technical support and training as needed.

Constant Improvement

As a part of our commitment to excellence, we conduct Quarterly Business Reviews. During these meetings, we will review on-going baselines, consider problem areas, and jointly set milestones for increasing effectiveness in the areas of process, team, communication, and software.