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One Company—One Solution

Colleton software is unique. We offer solutions for your ePCR needs as well as revenue management services. Why deal with multiple vendors when one professional company stands ready to handle all your needs.

Our MICS e-PCR solution offers the following abilities:

  • National Gold Certified NEMSIS software.
  • One click submission for state required data.
  • Complete Electronic PCR data entry.
  • Seamless integration with our billing services.
  • Touch screen entry of all data and signatures.

For a seamless integration using an easy to learn ePCR along with our Nationally Certified Billing Services, contact Colleton Software. We will provide you with a complete revenue analysis on how to increase your revenues and  maximize your company’s revenue.

Offering Maximized Revenues with Integrated NEMSIS and PREMSIS Compliant Software

One company. One Solution. Colleton is uniquely qualified to handle your insurance and Medicare claims. Since 1994, our combination of software and billing services has assisted hundreds of first responder organizations in managing their billing and revenues needs, resulting in faster reimbursement.

Our clients regularly experience between 25% and 50% increase in their collections. When combined with our software, your insurance and Medicare claims are filed within 24 – 48 hours and the reporting can be executed immediately.

The company in 1994 a software product to bring greater efficiency to billing. After 17 years, we are still improving it daily. Our software is the conduit through which we execute our billing services. Together we have quick payment turn-around with increased accuracy.

Knowledge is the gateway to change and improvement. In our over 17 years in business, we’ve learned a great deal in our many partnerships with first responders. Join us for one of our monthly webinars or browse our articles.