Dedicated Account Management

Colleton Software will utilize a team leader dedicated to your account. The team leader will serve as the central contact point for daily interactions between the two organizations.

Working under the team leader will be 2 representatives dedicated to the daily processing and management of your account. These billing representatives will conduct the daily business of processing and entering calls to the appropriate sources.

The fourth person on your account team will be a billing representative dedicated to researching pending calls. Colleton dedicates a person to each account that will be solely charged to researching any outstanding call payments (late or past normal time expected for payment). If the calls have not been paid in the anticipated time frame, then Colleton will have an in house representative working exclusively to bring resolutions to outstanding claims.


Working as the leader managing these representatives will be the Colleton Director of Billing and Compliance. The Director will serve as a checker for quality control of the work conducted on a daily basis.

Our primary purpose with compliance checking is to verify Colleton conducts these transactions on behalf of Bertie County with 100% accuracy. We strive to always exceed the regulations as stated by the various payment agencies.