Colleton Excellence

Advantages with Colleton Software Key Features
Fee based service, never any additional fees We never charge per call, only on what we collect
Our fee is based on what we collect, not what we bill


We are only compensated for the work we accomplish. The incentive is for us to maximize all revenue streams
Automatic insurance verification when calls are received Technology in place to automatically verify and file all major insurance companies and CMS eligibility
Review of all calls manually as well as automatic input of key information Our team approach allows multiple people at Colleton to review and verify all information on calls. We are continually evaluating all our work
All Medicare required paperwork, PCS forms and verification paper trails are verified prior to claims being submitted to the payer Automation, with proven reliable results for full compliance with Medicare regulation
Single Source of Contact Dedicated in house contact dedicated to your account and the success of your organization
Direct line of contact to company ownership Colleton ownership is directly involved with the day to day operation of the company
Colleton handles all paperwork and fees associated with the CMS enrollment process Never worry about paperwork of fill out CMS paperwork. Colleton will handle all aspects of CMS enrollment and paperwork
On line and emails reports available daily. Communication and reporting are the key to a successful relations and maximizing revenues
Perfect size company to prioritize your organization


Colleton is not interested in accounts out of state. We are dedicated to make our company the best there at home. We are large enough to handle your account but small enough to give you person attention
Partnership with major ePCR software providers We have a direct relationship with all major ePCR providers.
Direct line of communications with company ownership Ownership is directly involved in daily operation. We are not part of a large capital venture firm