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  • Proven experience since 1995.
  • Comprehensive Billing and Payment Service in a paperless environment.
  • Claims Process in 72 hours or less.
  • Electronic claims submissions to Medicare and all insurance carriers.
  • HIPAA and Medicare compliant.
  • Detailed insurance questionnaire for all private patients.
  • Toll free number and email access for patients.
  • Provider enrollment and maintenance for various insurance companies.
  • Pending and outstanding claims are are processed until completion.
  • Documentation reviewed for context, completeness and compliance.
  • Customized reports available.


Colleton Software has earned the trust of our clients through years of professional and reliable services. We are dedicated to allocating the necessary resources and using our expertise to ensure that we provide our clients with outstanding services and proven results.


Our system is HIPAA and Medicare compliant. We send each patient all necessary forms to process their claim. We handle all aspects of billing and interact with your clients to provide fast, courteous service.


At Colleton Software we assign a billing representative and account representative for each client. The person that sets up your account will be the same person that addresses your questions in the months and years to come. You will speak with a qualified representative who is knowledgeable about your individual account and knows how to best serve your needs.


Our primary objective is to get you paid as completely and quickly as possible. We base all our fees on the money we collect for you, not on what we bill. Our rates include all expenses associated with the proper administration of your account. With our advanced billing technology, funds are received often times in less than 14 days and deposited directly to your account. All claims for insurance and Medicare are submitted electronically. We closely monitor your reimbursements and make reports available. We provide all information on appeals and assist with legal procedures.


We provide you with all the information needed to understand your revenue stream including reports and forecasts. We allow your patients to pay their bill through our secure website. All records are kept and backed up off site for additional security and peace of mind.