Professional Services

Colleton Software is dedicated to the professional, timely and complete management of your account. Our team of EMS Billing Professionals are dedicated and adhere to these philosophies.

We prescribe to the theory that all aspects of each call is checked and rechecked for accuracy. This allows for 98% of our calls to be accepted the first time by Medicare vs the national average of 90%. This allows for revenues back to your organizations faster and less time spent correcting entries. Fewer denials means more revenues for Bertie County

Colleton guarantees 48 hour call processing on your account. The current national average is approximately 45 to 60 days. Most calls are processed on the same day the call is received. All invoices are created automatically by our automated billing and processing center. Our invoices and statement are created and processed by our Pitney Bowes system. This guarantees an accurate and timely system for mailing invoices to patients or other sources. All other calls are handled through Electronic Gateway and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Your organization sets the rates for EMS services and communicate this to Colleton for proper billings. Colleton Software allows the county to set all conditions for submitting bills to patients. The standard operating procedure that we will use in Bertie County is to submit a statement to the patient immediately. This informs the patient that we are filing for payment with Medicare, Medicaid or their insurance company and/or their supplemental policy. Once the call is paid by the appropriate source, Colleton will bill the patient 3 times for the remaining balance.

Colleton complies with all regulations set forth by CMS and federal guidelines for Medicare and regulations set by the States for Medicaid. Colleton maintains relationships and compliance with CMS, their sub-contractors and their agencies.

Colleton Software maintains 100% compliance with all agencies with regard to timely submission of claims. All claims are processed in the correct order. All reports are broken down in the four categories as detailed above.

Colleton submits to supplemental insurance agencies following the receipt of payment from the primary payer. Colleton Software also bills the patient for any allowable or deductibles.

Colleton Software employs a variety of procedures and policies to maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations. Our employees receive continual training to insure their understanding of these regulations. All billing clerks in our office received National Accreditation following training and the successful completion of classes and testing. Colleton also utilizes a series of checks and balances to make sure that compliance is maintained. Management and company officials consistently monitor and review work to maintain a standard of excellence

Colleton Software does not outsource any part of our operation. All work will be conducted here in South Carolina creating South Carolina jobs.Other vendors have started the process of outsourcing work to India costing Carolina jobs and opportunities.

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