About Us

 Our Story

Colleton was founded with by a group of paramedics Walterboro (Colleton County), South Carolina in 1994.   Colleton has been providing revenue management and software services exclusively to the emergency medical services industry for over 20 years.  We have identified, billed, and collected additional revenue for hundreds of emergency service companies and agencies.

Colleton Software specializes in the resolution of paperwork and reimbursement problems encountered by Emergency Medical Services. We automate and simplify the Ambulance Service Provider call and billing documentation.

Our company was established to maximize your revenue return.  Bottom line, one company provides your software, technical support, billing services, and interacts with insurance and government payment agencies. Your organization will have a single point of contact for all your needs.

We provide a seamless solution for run calling, billing and collection of payments all built to run on Colleton Software.  We provide our clients with a consolidated system for software and billing.

Colleton provides toll free and on line technical support to all our clients. Service is offered in a timely manner. After hours and weekend support is available for clients with unique schedules.  All customer service is conducted on-shore, from our office in South Carolina.

Our entire company is designed to make our clients successful.  For example, our agreement will be predicated on you getting paid, quicker.  We have been successful in identifying between 25 and 50 percent more billable revenue for our clients. And, we don’t get paid until you get paid.  Our agreements have mutual success built-in. The conduit for getting you paid is Colleton’s software, MICS.  Fully HIPPA and NEMSIS compliant, offers a full suite of standard and customizable input fields and reports.  The software can be molded to your business practices, while still have the full suite of compliant reporting and electronic connections.

By paramedics, for paramedics. Colleton has built your success into our DNA.  Contact us today to get started.