Our Staff

Colleton Software is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer with a long history of providing opportunities and promotions to qualified minority and women employees. Our company utilities a system where employees are rewarded for their successes and promoted based on their accomplishments.

Billing Staff

Our billing staff is hired and trained from Day 1 to understand and promote compliance with all Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance regulations. Each billing employee goes through a 90 day course on regulations and procedures before they actively work a client’s account.

All Personnel working with billing are National Certified Billing Coders through the National Academy of Ambulance Coding.


For ongoing training each employee goes through a minimum of 12 hours of training and refresher work each quarter. As new rules and regulations are implemented by Medicare, our staff also attends classes dedicated to their implementation. Our compliance director holds monthly meetings to discuss issues relevant to compliance and to coach our employees on all issues related to Medicare.

In additional all our employees work in a team environment.Each client is served by 2 primary call processors and a single contact for handling all pending claims. These 3 representatives report to a team leader that on a DAILY basis will check all work for compliance, accuracy and completeness. The Leader will verify all interactions and check on call submissions.

Technical Support

Colleton Software is the only company based in the Carolinas with our own in house technical support and programming staff.

The staff supports the technical requirement of submitting your calls for billing as well as supporting our MICS software product. Personnel are located here in South Carolina with support and assistance never outsourced overseas.