Recently we worked with Colleton to assist our county in financing our transition to ALS service. Colleton provided projections for revenues and assisted with our proposal and presentation to the county commissioners. The difference between Colleton Software and our previous vendor is night and day. Colleton is continuously proactive in working our account. They are present in the county helping when needed. I have a direct line to the owner of the company and can call at any time and know they will be available to help.

Colin Ryan
EMS Director
Chowan County Emergency Medical Director

Colleton and his excellent highly trained and dedicated staff took a department that was just clearing its bills each month and turned it around to a department that has a large excess each month. Colleton was around any time of day or night if I needed them. They came by my office 2 or 3 times a month just to check in and make sure all was going well. If I needed them they were there. Their office staff is top notch and I highly recommend them to any service that wants to improve revenue and make a difference for their system and budget.

Andrew Coccaro, BS, AAS, NREMT-P, CICP
EMS Manager 
Chief of Edgecombe County Rescue Squad

In my 12 years serving as EMS Medical Director, perhaps I am the most proud of our County’s decision to collaborate with Colleton Software for EMS reporting and billing. With our increased revenue stream, we have been able to achieve expanded EMS services for our citizens and are better able to support the dedicated men and women of our EMS community.
Michael H. Lowry MD FACEP FAAEM
EMS Medical Director
Carteret County